Green Penguin, Inc. is committed to reducing the volume of the e-waste stream and its resulting impact on our environment and world. We provide data destruction, asset recovery, and environmentally-responsible electronic waste disposal to the Providence, RI area and technological renew-ability to the world.

In order to truly fulfill our commitments to people and the environment, Green Penguin was founded on a set of principles:

    • Our eWaste services needed to be profitable to the individuals and organizations that used them.

Sustainability should not come at the expense of those seeking to environmentally dispose of electronic waste. Doing the right thing should not mean financial martyrdom. We will make data destruction and hardware disposal work for you.

    • Our eWaste services needed to be easy.

Our proprietary inventory management, testing, and data destruction practices can significantly reduce turnaround time for your project. We pass our savings right back to you.

    • Our eWaste services needed to be fiscally and environmentally sustainable.

Green Penguin did not expect to be funded through tax dollars or generous benefactors. What we needed to create was something that funded itself.


As we grow, we continue to develop our existing electronic waste management processes, create new and environmentally friendly company processes, and explore new technical processes for data destruction and e-waste management.

It is time that everyone is enabled to do their part in environmental stewardship. Green Penguin is and will continue to be the enabler.

“Doing right should be easy.”

Green Penguin Inc.