Ben, Frank, Jeremiah, Sandra, Will, Becky, Aimee . . . those of us working here at Green Penguin are an eclectic mix, and we’re all extremely passionate about greening technology.

R Benjamin George

Ben started in the computer business at the tender age of twelve as a consultant. In 1996, at the age of sixteen, he began in the world of web-based sales and continued primarily in the technical consulting field. While in college, he dabbled further in internet-based purchasing and sales. By the time he graduated, Ben had co-founded and sold a computer consulting company and started a laptop refurbishing business. He knows a thing or two about technology and business, but insists that his true passion is “building stuff”. Ben answers the major technical questions around the office, and directs business development and acquisition; he is also the major reason that it’s so important that the rest of the team is so organized.

Jeremiah Joseph

Jeremiah keeps things running smoothly around here with a keen eye for organization and unparalleled interpersonal skills. Jeremiah’s relentless focus on the importance of a positive customer experience has been paramount in honing the direction for our company, so much so that we discussed changing one of his many hats (which, to name just a few, include financial manager, HR director and head of bulk sales) from “customer service” to “customer advocate”. In his spare time, Jeremiah is the best poker player any one of us has ever knowingly met and makes a mean chili to boot. He’s also in charge of the music we play in the office, though Sandra won’t let him play the Beatles. . .we’re quite lucky to have him here!

Sandra Boiteau

Sandra is an organizational maven, listing queen and baker extrordinaire. Seriously, before she’d won our hearts with her clever, thorough inventory listings and amazing ability to bring order from any sort of chaos, she’d wooed us with cupcakes. We’re lucky she was so good at all the things that tangibly move the company forward because we probably would have paid her to just to show up and bake things for us. In her off-time, Sandra does, in fact, produce scrumptious baked goods for a local deli. She also writes a very popular blog through which she has become friends with several of her many devout readers.


We met Frank through a technophile friend of the company. Frank is like Clark Kent and we’re just his newsdesk day-job. He is actually a circuit-bending super-hero who modifies everything from ancient Speak-and-Spells to modern high-end midi gear as though it were nothing. We were all pretty blown away when (after some measure of begging on our parts) he brought one of his frankencircuits by the office. WOW! If we’re lucky, he’ll post some pictures and how-to’s on this very site, so keep your eyes open.


Aimee Barrington came to Green Penguin in January with a laid-back attitude and a great sense of humor. She is a recent graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, and when she isn’t listing and taking amazing pictures for Green’s Penguin’s eBay account, Aimee works and volunteers for AS220 Photo, Rhode Island’s only non-profit photographic facility available to the public.


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