Asset Recovery

Is your company down-sizing or relocating?  In those cases, as you’re no doubt aware, there is often a great burden in handling the resulting excess of assets from that transition.  Green Penguin can help smooth out that process for you. Our primary focus is always e-waste liability management which functions so well, in part, because we maintain an excellent contact list throughout the industry. We can use this to your company’s advantage.

There are occasions where we can do more for your company than just take a liability and space-waster off your hands; sometimes, Green Penguin can offer you a return on unneeded hardware.  In these situations, we’ll provide you an appraisal and can, at your discretion, purchase the hardware outright. Another option is while our technology disposition specialists wipe, test, inventory and remove all identifying corporate data (serial numbers, corporate tags, and other ownership identifiers), our sales force will use our extensive list of contacts, including brand and hardware-type specific buyers and brokers – in addition to our traditional retail sales channels – to find buyers for your product. We want to provide you with the best return in the shortest time possible.  Either way, we can guarantee a far better return on what likely used to be the biggest headache that you’ve have ever imagined possible.

Go ahead and see what Green Penguin can do for you; give us a call between 11AM and 6PM EST, M-F at 401-PENGUIN (736-4846)  or e-mail us by clicking ‘Contact’ on the left-hand side of the screen.