Bird’s Eye-View

What You Can Expect From Us for Your Needs

Green Penguin, Inc. was founded a little over two years ago with the goal of addressing the inefficiencies and outright failings of the e-waste management industry.  In that time we have, among other things, helped more than 7,000 end-users maintain their existing computer systems, tripled in size, teamed up with Whole Foods for an electronics drive on America Recycles Day, joined forces with ecoRI, and taken on as clients, sole proprietors and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Our services range from simple pick-up/drop-off acceptance to full-site removals with hardware auditing, data wiping, and/or media destruction.  While focused on secure data destruction, our goal is to see not only that e-waste is handled safely and appropriately, but that as much as possible, working parts are reused.  By focusing on reuse, we are able to tackle the e-waste dilemma on both ends.  A significant portion of incoming gear is disassembled and tested, with individual components finding new homes in the hands of end-users (small businesses, schools, hobbyists, non-profits and many others) seeking to maintain older hardware.

In pursuing and sharing our goal of tackling the e-waste problem, we need to team up with people and companies just like you and yours. I am personally very excited about what we are doing here and really hope that we will have the opportunity to team up with you to share in making the world a cleaner, safer and healthier place.

We accept almost all e-waste, and can arrange pickup times according to what best suits your schedule.