Maintenance, Replacement, and Upgrades

A big part of recycling electronics and slowing the e-waste stream is the continued reuse of hardware within an organization. The trust Green Penguin has built with its hardware purchasing partners has allowed it to grow at an astronomical rate and maintain a diverse inventory of parts. Green Penguin strongly encourages clients to maintain and reuse their existing usable hardware instead of going out and purchasing new.

If you have hardware you need to maintain or upgrade, Green Penguin has the parts to assist you. Green Penguin has openly and effectively streamlined its own recycling, inventory, and sales processes in order to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry while maintaining the highest quality control and support. Green Penguin’s diverse inventory and vendor list teams with like-minded distributors. Whether you need one part, four hundred parts or two hundred seventy-three of the same part, Green Penguin can supply it cheaper than anyone else in the business.

Green Penguin’s focus is on enabling you to be green. We know that as an organization, your bottom line ultimately has to come first. That’s why we offer the lowest priced parts and services in the industry.