Computer Recycling and Removal

Improper disposals can result in fines and court cases if hardware and its data end up in the wrong place or the wrong hands.
Most companies have neither the IT departments nor the time, knowledge, and carefully practiced skills necessary for the proper disposal of hardware, nor should they!

We turn the nightmare of proper data destruction, electronic waste disposal, and asset recovery into a peaceful dream.

Computers are supposed to make your business more efficient, processes more affordable and your job easier. When they’ve reached the end of their useful life with your company, they can turn into a distracting and painful liability. Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, you’ll want that excess handled with the same care with which you treat your own business.

Without thorough process, disks go unwiped, memory cards go unnoticed, CDs get left in drives and transfer of ownership is often handled improperly. All of the following can lead to enormous headaches down the line:

  • Loss of proprietary or private customer information resulting in losses and lawsuits
  • Improper eWaste disposal leading to fines at any time
  • Improper license transfers leading to expensive software losses

That’s where Green Penguin comes in.

At Green Penguin, we provide custom disposal solutions suiting the specific needs of your business. As a matter of process, we maintain complete “chain of ownership” documentation for each of our customers. We provide certifications of proper electronic waste disposal and certifications of data destruction for each of our business recycling projects, giving you peace of mind to focus on what you do best. In addition, Green Penguin can provide complete solutions for your end-of-life asset-management needs. In keeping it Green, we know that your needs as a business must come first.

On top of freeing up space and alleviating potential headaches, you may be surprised at what we can do in assisting you in reclaiming residual value on your unused hardware. While no longer suiting your IT needs, used hardware often retains value that a company with our expertise can reclaim and return to your operation.

Whether you have four or four hundred PCs, a small office or an entire data center, Green Penguin is ready with the experience, knowledge and air-tight process to guarantee your peace of mind.  Go ahead and see what the Penguin can do for you — contact us now for a free e-waste management consultation.  Don’t worry, we’re not sales people, nobody is on commission.  You’ll have a real conversation with a real person about your particular e-waste situation and what can be done with it.  You’ll be shocked to learn just how inexpensive (if it costs anything at all) e-waste management can be, we promise.