Media and Hard Drive Destruction

Green Penguin’s drive and media destruction process uses all of the procedures of its data sanitization process, and follows them with drive shredding at a state-of-the art document and hard drive shredding facility. All drives and media entering our media and hard drive destruction process are fully wiped and cataloged prior to complete destruction. If your organizational structure requires complete media and drive destruction as part of its disposal, Green Penguin is here to ensure that the process is thorough, audited and complete. As with data sanitization, Green Penguin provide its clients with full auditing documents and Department of Defense (DOD) compliant certificates of destruction. Drive and media destruction is available at the lowest price available in the industry. Contact us for a quote.

We encourage all of our clients to utilize our Data Sanitization process as they are able. It’s better for your bottom line, our bottom line, and the environment on just about every level.