E-Waste Pickup and Disposal

If your company produces non-data-bearing e-waste on an ongoing basis (scrap from in-house repairs, leftovers from board fabrication, etc.), Green Penguin can help you manage that effectively with minimum hassle. We have a variety of simple, durable, and unobtrusive onsite storage solutions to meet your needs, from stackable totes, 4×4 gaylords(pallet boxes) on pallets,and full-sized shipping containers.  All we require is a one-time deposit on the cost of the materials we leave at your facility and from there, we can arrange to either pick it up on schedule or have you call us when you’re ready.  Pick-up and waste-handling fees vary.  Don’t be shy about calling us — in many cases, both the pickup and the handling will be totally free and rest assured, it will always be easy.