Electronic Scrap Purchasing

Two of our most important roles here at Green Penguin, Inc. are those of parts remanufacturer and electronics recycler.

If you own a combined 10 or more laptops, desktop computers, and/or computer/television LCD screens, we can help you make some Green from your extra stuff.  Green Penguin pays competitive prices on all bulk electronics.

If you own a computer store or scrap business (even a small one), you’ve just found a way to quickly turn electronic waste into cold hard cash!  We pay out more than any of the local scrap yards have offered us for your scrap electronics.  We purchase both by the pound and by the unit (depending upon the type of item and volume).  Appointments are available 11AM to 6PM, M-F and at other times by appointment. Pick-ups for large-volume scrap are available in most areas. Contact us for for pricing or to schedule an appointment — by clicking “Contact” or by phone at 401-PENGUIN (736-4846).