Green Penguin, Inc. Strives to Assist Consumers on Re-Use, Re-Cycling, and Reducing Electronic Waste to Keep It Out of Landfills.

Green Penguin, Inc. has partnered with ecoRI Environmental News to collect electronics –working or non-working – at the weekly Hope Artiste Village Wintertime Farmers’ Market in Pawtucket.

Providence, RI, February 8, 2012: Green Penguin, Inc. has partnered with ecoRI to collect electronic waste (commonly referred to as e-waste) every Saturday during the Winter Time Farmers’ Market at the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket. The market hours are 10am to 1pm every Saturday through May 16. Anyone can drop-off their unused electronics – including batteries and software – to the ecoRI table and a member of their team will deliver to the Green Penguin offices. For those who prefer, Green Penguin offers drop-offs in Olyneyville weekdays between the hours of 10am-6pm, and for larger quantities will arrange a pickup. To make these arrangements, please contact Becky Antaya at 401-383-9095 or

Electronic equipment contains toxic materials, including lead, cadmium, and mercury that may leak into the soil and ground water when disposed of in landfills, which is now illegal in the state of Rhode Island. Green Penguin, Inc. strives to keep these and other materials found in electronic products, including precious metals and plastics, out of landfills. The good news is that by working with a conscientious e-waste management company, consumers can de-clutter their home and protect the environment. Most electronic components can now be reused, recycled, and diverted from the waste stream. For example, approximately 90 percent of computer contents can be reused or recycled.

Green Penguin, Inc. enables consumers all over the globe to fix, maintain, and upgrade electronic equipment that may have otherwise found its way into landfills. This is done by maintaining a rigorous recycling program, safely breaking down and sorting unusable electronic components, plastic, copper, steel, etc. so that each can be processed by an appropriate materials reclamation facility. By providing interested consumers with tested working components from unwanted and broken hardware, Green Penguin, Inc. is doing its part to empower consumers on both ends to be greener. The company provides its retail customers the opportunity to fix everything down to single keys on their laptop keyboards.

Green Penguin provides data destruction, asset recovery, and environmentally-responsible e-waste disposal. Green Penguin’s “No Landfill” policy ensures responsible hardware disposal of all electronics including, but not limited to laptops, desktops, servers and all telecommunication equipment.  Green Penguin takes its “No Landfill” policy very seriously.

Green Penguin Inc. is committed to reducing the volume of e-waste and its resulting impact on our environment and world.

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