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Easy Laptop LCD Screen Diagnostics: Bad Backlight(?)

To Backlight or Not to Backlight? Is it Actually Broken, That is the Question: So, you think you’ve got a bad backlight or a tech-savvy friend of yours turned on your laptop and said you have a bad backlight. .  . spoiler alert: there’s a big  (and important) difference between your laptop’s LCD backlight not […]

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Notice that there are two hilighted part numbers, the FRU and the manufacturer part #.  With IBM laptops, you'll want to match the FRU to guarantee compatibility.

Replacement Part Buying: The Importance of Part Number Matching in Laptops

Some not-so-common-sense advice on purchasing replacement parts for your laptop This post covers a couple of topics in the area of purchasing an appropriate replacement part for your broken laptop.  It’s a somewhat involved topic, so we’ll just dive right in and get right to the point.  In most cases, it is very important that […]

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For those seeking a more subtle solution.

Data Theft Prevention and the Perils of E-Waste Disposal

Some thoughts on data destruction and security when disposing of your PC. I’ve been meaning to write this article for quite some time and recent research into bulk drive erasure and recertification has finally led to the impetus to actually produce it. I’ve known for quite a while that batch (automated) erasure/formatting of multiple SCSI […]

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